From the Depths

This game was created as part of the Metroidvania Month Game Jam 22 through a collaborative effort between Adrian ‘@d__adee‘ Corpuz, lashman and myself. Adrian contributed the player sprite, lashman the music, while I handled the game design, coding and enemy sprites.

External resources were used for the boss, SFX and the tileset.

Tiny Isaac

Tiny Isaac is a little game prototype I’ve been working on. This project has been my playground for diving into new aspects of game development, particularly delving into procedural generation.

The key question driving Tiny Isaac is this: “What would The Binding of Isaac be like if it were designed for the Game Boy?” It’s a nostalgic take on a classic concept, merging the familiar with a touch of retro charm.

Hatchwell (Soundtrack)

A sequence of unsettling events has cast a shadow of unease over the people of Hatchwell. In this challenging time, the mayor has turned to you for assistance in unraveling the mysteries behind these disruptive occurrences. As the day progresses, these events seem to intensify, deepening the mystery and urgency.

If you’re ready to embark on this enigmatic journey, step into the shoes of an investigator and explore the different corners of Hatchwell. Together, we’ll uncover the underlying causes of these disturbances and bring much-needed clarity to the situation.

For a glimpse into the world of this captivating game, check out the gameplay video:

It’s worth mentioning that this game was solely developed by @d__adee, and the soundtrack was crafted by yours truly.



During the Godot Wild Jam 44, I took on the challenge of crafting this game and all its components, starting from a blank canvas, and I managed to accomplish it within just 8 hours. The central theme that guided my creative process was “FRAGILE,” and I also successfully incorporated all the sub-themes: “no health bar,” “boss theme intensifies,” and “level menu.”

If you’re curious, you can check out the game: Male Ego on

Rex Rocket (Art)

Inspired by the retro glory days of 8-bit games, Rex Rocket is a traditional 2D platformer brought into the 21st century. 

Rex Rocket is a retro-inspired 2D platformer game that follows the adventures of Captain Rex Rocket as he battles through a perilous space station filled with alien enemies and challenging obstacles. With classic pixel art, intense action, and a captivating storyline, it offers an exciting nostalgic experience for gamers.

Although I wasn’t involved in the development of this game, I had the opportunity to make a small contribution by providing a couple of 2D sprites. If you’re curious to learn more about the game, you can find it here: Rex Rocket.


In the realm of business management, the pursuit of not only maximum profits but also ethical considerations has become increasingly significant. Corruptica seamlessly merges economic simulation with ethical dilemmas. As players navigate the complexities of running a globally operating textile business, they must constantly grapple with the competing interests of stakeholders and make principled decisions.

This game was a collaborative effort involving a team of 7, a pivotal part of my master’s degree journey at the University of Mannheim. Our mission was to create an interactive platform that allows players to experience the ethical implications of their business choices. Throughout the span of a year, we crafted this game from the ground up, immersing ourselves in all facets of game development. If you’re curious to explore this unique blend of business and ethics, you can find the game here: Corruptica.


This game was a project created within the constraints of the 7-day First Person Shooter game jam (7DFPS) back in 2014. It’s another collaboration with my partner in crime, @d__adee.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can play the game here: Clouds.

Cyber Abyss

Cyber Abyss is a challenging, cyberpunk-themed game crafted within the intense time constraints of the #cyberpunkjam 2014. It represents a significant milestone for both @d__adee and me, as it marks our first true collaboration, where we delved into both coding and artwork.

For those who are intrigued by this immersive cyberpunk experience, you can give the game a try here: Cyber Abyss.

Candy Crushing!

This game came to life as part of the #candyjam 2014, a creative challenge to produce candy-themed games. The game’s development featured a collaborative effort, with @d__adee handling the coding while I contributed pixel art.

For those who have a sweet tooth for gaming, you can explore the game here: Candy Crushing.

Ron Jambo

Ron Jambo emerged from our creative endeavors during MiniLD 48, with Unity3D serving as our engine for this project. While we unfortunately didn’t meet the deadline, the game still showcases our vision.

The objective is to master the art of switch-flipping, aligning 9 switches according to a unique winning pattern revealed at the start of each round. This project was a collaborative effort with Zerano and Butan, and if you’d like to explore our creation, you can find it here: Ron Jambo.


YOGOB!, which stands for “You Only Got One Button!”, was created within a tight 72-hour window using Unity 3D for Ludum Dare 28. This game holds a special place for me since it marked my first-ever game jam participation and the completion of my first game.

I teamed up with Zerano for the development, and the game’s music was composed by Tommy Bulpa. If you’re interested in taking a look at this project, you can find it here: YOGOB. It’s a humble beginning in my game development journey, but it holds great sentimental value.