Tiny Isaac

Tiny Isaac is a little prototype of a game I was working on. I started this to dig into some elements of game development which were new to me, e.g. procedural generation.

It poses the question: “What would The Binding of Isaac look like, if it were released on a Game Boy?”


Hatchwell (Soundtrack)

A series of disruptive events cause uneasiness among the people. The mayor needs your help to investigate different parts of Hatchwell and figure out what’s causing these events, which seem to worsen as the day goes by.

This game was developed by @d__adee. I created the soundtrack.



I created this game and all its assets for Godot Wild Jam 44 in 8 hours from scratch. The theme was FRAGILE and I also covered all the sub-themes: “no health bar”, “boss theme intensifies” and “level menu”.



A mini game I made to learn the basic principles of the Godot engine.


Pong Hard Mode

A tiny game I made to see what was new in Unity.


Rex Rocket (Art)

Inspired by the retro glory days of 8-bit games, Rex Rocket is a traditional 2D platformer brought into the 21st century. 

I did not take part in the development of this game, but contributed a couple of 2D sprites.



When managing a business it becomes increasingly important to not just look for the highest profits, but for ethical aspects as well. Corruptica combines a economic simulation game with business ethics. In the game, players are constantly in conflict with which stake holder’s interest to follow and how to lead their branch of a globally acting textile business.

This game was created in a team of 7 for my master’s degree at the University of Mannheim. Its goal is to let the players make business decisions with ethical impact. Over the course of a year, we created this game from scratch. And while doing so, we dug in all the different parts of game development.


Clouds (7DFPS 2014)

This was a game made in Unity3D for the 7-day First Person Shooter game jam 2014. Another collab with @d__adee.


Cyber Abyss

An unforgiving, almost unbeatable cyberpunk-themed game made in Unity3D for #cyberpunkjam 2014. This is @d__adee and mine first real collab with both coding and providing art.


Candy Crushing!

This game was created for #candyjam 2014. The goal was to create a candy-themed game. 
@d__adee did the coding, I contributed art.


Ron Jambo (MiniLD48)

Ron Jambo was created during MiniLD 48 using Unity3D. We didn’t finish it in time, though. 
The goal is to switch 9 switches according to a winning pattern that will be shown at the beginning of each round. Collab with Zerano and Butan.



YOGOB, short for You only got one Button, was made in 72 hours in Unity 3D for Ludum Dare 28. This was the first game jam I participated in and the first game I finished.

I worked together with Zerano and the music is by Tommy Bulpa.